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Matin and Pegah, considering their extensive experience in designing and crafting jewelry, are always in pursuit of innovation and creating unique pieces. This artistic couple, with their education and technical knowledge, strive to offer high-quality and creatively designed jewelry to the market.

Given their close connection to Asian culture and art, the jewelry they produce represents a blend of tradition and modernity. On one hand, they utilize cutting-edge technologies, and on the other, they draw inspiration from traditional Asian designs and motifs, creating unparalleled and eye-catching pieces.

Throughout their years of activity, Matin and Pegah have collaborated with numerous renowned domestic and international artists and designers. These collaborations have enabled them to incorporate various perspectives and techniques into their work, enriching the jewelry market with fresh and distinct pieces.

Educating and transferring knowledge to the younger generation has always been one of their primary objectives. By establishing training institutes in Asia and the UAE, they aim to familiarize enthusiasts with international standards and pave the way for their growth and advancement.

Considering the social and cultural significance of their work, Matin and Pegah strive to raise public awareness about the importance of jewelry-making culture and art by organizing exhibitions and various events. Moreover, by supporting cancer patients, they demonstrate that art and culture can serve the community and humanity.

Ultimately, with their long-term goals in mind, they are working to enhance the quality and variety of their jewelry, aiming to highlight Asia’s name among the leading regions in global jewelry-making.

With their foray into the digital world and the launch of their online store, Matin and Pegah intend to offer their jewelry to customers worldwide. Using this platform, they can introduce and sell their products globally.

Furthermore, by introducing online training and workshops on their website, they aim to transfer their knowledge and experience to those who, due to geographical barriers, cannot attend their physical institutes.

By establishing a direct connection with their customers through the website, they can receive feedback and opinions in the best possible way, helping them cater to the needs and expectations of their clientele optimally.

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